Building Authentic Public Private Partnerships To Sustainable Transform Public Health

Tuesday 3 May 12.30

Room 14

In English


During the 2022 Geneva Health Forum in Geneva, Switzerland, Sanofi will host a session bringing together experts from various global health organizations to talk about and share their advice on the right chain of sustainable partnerships to deliver end to end access programs. The event will discuss the importance of real partnerships to address complex global health issues such as the elimination of sleeping sickness. It will consist of a 45-minute panel discussion aiming at stimulating insight and discussion to inform successful partnership practice in global health.


Awa Babington-Ashaye
Founder of Adenium Healthcare


Nora Berra
Former Minister of Health in France
Kawaldip Sehmi

CEO at International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations (IAPO)

Olaf Valverde
Clinical Project Leader (HAT), DNDi
Rebecca Stevens
Head of International Public Affairs and Global Health Partnerships, Sanofi

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