Art To Be Alive


Art exhibition in favor of sustainable health for all (One Sustainable Health) and planetary health. Artistic productions (musical, literary, plastic arts, sculpture, painting, video, etc.) reflecting the relationship of humans to the planet and therefore to the living as a whole and the four elements that constitute it (Water, Air, Earth and Fire) but also initiatives that provide solutions to protect the living. The exhibition aims to raise awareness, promote and transmit messages and solutions through art to realize that life has no boundaries. The living transcends and constitutes all cultures for decision-makers, scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, representatives of civil society and citizens.

The spaces of artistic immersion will allow to raise commitment and call to action for planetary health and a single health and the importance of respect and regeneration of the Living.

22 paintings with sizes ranging from 60 by 40 cm to 1 meter by 1 meter. A dozen photographs of 60 on 40. 15 Sculptures. About 20 artists and 15 leaders of initiatives of the OSH forum and planetary health