Noma Day 2022



Tuesday 3 May 9.30 – 18.00

Room Lausanne

In English


The International No-Noma Federation is an organisation that brings together associations, foundations and NGOs from all countries, committed to the fight against noma, who wish to subscribe to the Federation’s ethical criteria and unite their efforts to increase their impact. Under the impetus of the Winds of Hope Foundation, the Federation was created on 20 March 2003 in order to bring together all those involved in the fight against noma.

The aim of the Federation is to strengthen the fight against noma worldwide by developing collaboration between its members and by becoming a privileged interlocutor with the authorities of countries affected by noma and with international bodies.

Noma is a devastating necrosis that develops in the mouth, starting with a benign lesion and ending with a devastating facial lesion. It rapidly destroys the soft and bony tissues of the face and profoundly disfigures its victims, mainly young children between 2 and 6 years old.

Here is the programme of this Noma Day 2022 hosted by the Geneva Health Forum.

09.30Welcome and short presentation of the participants
09.452022 General AssemblyPhilippe Rathle – Winds of Hope
10.30Coffee break and visit of the exhibition
11.00Presentation of the results of “The Noma Project” study (SNIS)Denise Baratti-Meyer
Marie-Solène Pham
Iona Cismas
12.30Lunch and visit of the exhibition
14h00Presentation “Registration of noma on the WHO list of the tropical negelected diseases”
Mark Sherlock – MSF
Claire Jeantet – Indediz
15.30Watching the film “A visage découvert” followed by Q & A and debate
Hervé Pfister
Marilou Dumauthioz
16.40Watching the film “Restoring Dignity” followed by Q & A and debateMark Sherlock – MSF
Claire Jeantet – Indediz
17.55Presidency conclusionPhilippe Rathle – Winds of Hope
18.00Opening Ceremony Planetary HealthGeneva Health Forum
19.30Cocktail and visit of the exhibition

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