Data Science for Global Health: Training the Next Generation of Analysts

Tuesday 3 May 14.00 – 18.00


In English


Campus Biotech, Auditorium, 9 chemin des mines, 1202 Geneva


Hosted by The GRAPH Network, the interactive session will include presentations of ongoing and planned projects at UNIGE, Oxford, the WHO, as well as a tripartite partnership that collectively aims to strengthen disease surveillance and data analysis for public health across the globe.

The Global Research and Analyses for Public Health (GRAPH) Network and its affiliated members are a multidisciplinary team from over 30 countries operating in the fields of epidemiology, data analysis application development, and capacity building for public health and assessment. Based on years of professional experience in both communicable and non-communicable disease response, the GRAPH Network and its partner, The Nuffield Department of Population Health at the University of Oxford, identified unfulfilled gaps in the ability of countries to process and analyze data for efficient health surveillance.

To respond to these needs, the network developed an open-source training and data platform to empower public health professionals with expertise in modern programmatic tools to tackle health threats. Overall, the close collaboration between the GRAPH Network and University of Oxford aspires to reach multi-gendered, multi-aged, and multi-cultural individuals to cultivate the next generation of health data analysts for stronger disease surveillance and response across the globe.


Somnath Chatterji
World Health Organization


Samira Asma
World Health Organization
Jennifer Carter
University of Oxford
Flavio Coelho
Getulio Vargas Foundation
Antoine Flahault
University Geneva
Benido Impouma
World Health Organization Africa
Olivia Keiser
of Geneva, GRAPH Network
Hubert Lam
University of Oxford
Sarah Lewington
University of Oxford
Kene Nwosu
University of Geneva
Richard Peto
University of
Beat Stoll
University of Geneva
Laure Vancauwenberghe
University of Geneva

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