Impact of climate change on health: what is the scale of the problem and what action to take

Tuesday 3 May 11.00

Room A

In English and in French


Climate change is now an inescapable reality. The IPCC reports, based on multiple scientific consensuses, are sounding increasingly important warnings.

This climate change has and will have an impact on the health of the population.  This is true in the northern hemisphere, but even more so in tropical and Sahelian areas.

The objective of this session is to understand the extent of the impact of climate change on human health, but also to see the strategies that can be put in place to prevent or mitigate these phenomena.


Maximilian Jungmann
 University of Heidelberg


Gueladio Cisse
Swiss TPH
Maria Neira
World Health Organization
Valérie D’Acremont
University of Lausanne
Alfonso Gomez
City of Geneva