Hybrid session
In person Session
In person Side-Event
In person Round Table

8.00Round Table 1
Developing Electronic Patient Records in resource-constrained countries: what are the challenges for Humanitarian and Health actors?
Round Table 2
Discover 3 structures of Geneva at the service of innovation
Round Table 3
Advancing Global Health using Space technologies

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High Level Discussion HLD2
Pandemic Preparedness and Response: Implications for Global Health Governance


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11.00 Session 1-4
PREZODE : Preventing Zoonotic Disease Emergence – join forces to tackle pandemic risks
Session 2-4
Global health as seen by field actors: from awareness to action
Interview 4
Françoise Vanni
Director of the External Relations at Global Fund

Panel 4
The private sector as a key player in the operationalisation of the One Health concept

Workshop 4
How to develop a sustainable pharmaceutical distribution in African countries?
Workshop 5
Improving access of children to surgical care in Africa
Lessons from the field 3
Health of nomadic pastoralists : a “One Health” model
12.30Side event 1-2
Building strong partnerships to end the neglected tropical disease, schistosomiasis
Side event 2-2
Pathogen sharing: the unspoken condition for pandemic preparedness and response
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14.00 Session 1-5
Lessons learnt from innovative finance partnerships in healthcare in LMICs
Session 2-5
Nothing will happen without communites: The role of NGOs in Strengthening environmental health
Interview 5
Hans Kluge
WHO Regional Director for Europe

Panel 5
Implementing the One Health approach : What is being done?
Workshop 6
What training should we build for One Health / planetary health?
Lessons from the field 4
Ehealth : diagnostic and surveillance


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High Level Discussion HLD3
Data sharing in the time of COVID-19: What works & what we need


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18.00Side Event 1
Preview of the documentary :
The Making of Pandemics*

Side Event 2
World Economic Forum*
Rethinking healthcare – Lessons learnt & enablers of change for value-based healthcare

 * open to the general public