The ICRC is organising a demonstration of its multidisciplinary virtual prison simulation for professionals working in detention

Thursday at 12.30-13.30
Room 12

Hybrid session
In person Session
In person Side-Event
In person Round Table

8.00Round Table 4
Adaptations of training in COVID-19 situations. What lessons can be learned?
Round Table 5
Equitable access to oxygen: sustaining COVID-19 investments to protect newborns and children fighting for breath
Round Table 6
Innovation in Humanitarian settings: why is collaboration crucial yet challenging?

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High Level Discussion HLD4
Planetary health in the pandemic era: a humanitarian perspective and priorities for action


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11.00 Session 1-6
The effects of pollution on health: Current risk and possible solutions
Session 2-6
Physical resources and energy consumption: how four countries estimate needs for items used in the Covid-19 response
Panel 6
Drugs and drug policies in times of COVID-19: obstacles and implications for health and human rights

Interview 6
Jens Nielsen
World Cimate Foundation
Workshop 7
How can we improve the access to Mental Health Care in Asia?
Lessons from the field 5
The role of health professionals in addressing environmental challenges
12.30Side event 1-3
OHHLEP- meet the experts
Side event 2-3
Festival ‘Taking care together’ Healing Collectives
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14.00 Session 1-7
Beyond climate change: the need for system-wide stressor analysis for healthcare
Session 2-7
Deploying Digital Contact Tracing challenges and opportunities
Panel 7
More Effective Responses to Health & Environmental Emergencies through Peacebuilding

Interview 7
Richa Shrivastava
Director at Maker’s Asylum
Workshop 8
Swiss Women’s Health Alliance
Lessons from the field 6
one health projects

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Closing ceremony*
Science Speed Talks
Presentation of the Anne Maurer Cecchini Award 2022
Presentation of the GHF awards Jet d’Or de Genève

*open to the general public