After the Covid 19 crisis, which community health care approach to promote?

Tuesday 3 May 14.00

Room C

In English and in French


The Covid 19 crisis has shown the fragility of a hospital-centred system that has neglected primary health care activities.

The ageing of the population, the increase in chronic diseases and co-morbidities can only be managed if there is a strong development of multidisciplinary teamwork in the city.

Patients and their families must be involved in the care process.
Preventive approaches must be promoted, including activities that are not directly related to care.

This global health model requires the development of strategies for continuity of care, eliminating silos and strengthening coordination and interprofessional proximity.

During this session, we will cross-reference the experiences of field actors in 4 different countries


Bettina Borisch
World Federation of Public Health Associations


Catherine Busnel
Institution genevoise de maintien à domicile
Estibaliz San Anton
Maisons médicales belges
Kristin Bergen
Norwest Co-op Community Health Centre
Michelle Kirkbride
Norwest Co-op Community Health Centre
Sewoke Pradip
Maison de santé de Montbeliard
Sherry Joseph
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies