The Geneva Health Forum in collaboration with its partners organises workshops to address specific global health issues.

Each workshop, chaired by members of the GHF partner organisations, brings together a multidisciplinary working group of ten to fifteen members. Each workshop meets in several video conferences before the conference.

The results of these discussions will be synthesised in an article for publication and presented at the GHF conference or during other ad hoc public events.

The 8 workshops currently in operation are :

  1. Swiss and international post-COVID-19 One Health scientific landscape for pandemic prevention, preparedness and response: Implications for Swiss international relations and the role of Geneva
  2. Recommendations to update the WHO Classification of Digital Health Interventions
  3. Building a recommendation system for a Global Health network
  4. How to develop a sustainable pharmaceutical distribution in African countries?
  5. How can we improve the access to pediatric surgery in Africa?
  6. What training should we build for One Health / planetary health?
  7. How can we improve the access to Mental Health Care in Asia?
  8. Can we build a Swiss Women’s Health Alliance?